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The European Union (EU) is pioneering an exciting Low Carbon Business Action in Canada (LCBA Canada) to: support the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and move toward a clean circular economy using a business opportunity-driven approach.

This Action facilitates business collaboration between Canadian Buyers and EU Suppliers that have a distinct positive environmental impact, are scalable, reflect a sound return on investment, and enable innovative technology transfer and business transactions.


In essence, this Action promotes EU company technologies and services at regional scale to respond to unmet Canadian demand for low carbon and

circular economy solutions.


What is the Challenge Process?

This Project uses a «Challenge Pitch» approach to focus the search for EU suppliers, based on the Canadian Buyer’s specific needs (Challenges). Through a series of events over the 36 months of implementation, shortlisted EU suppliers will be able to Pitch for a Challenge.


The event will be accessed through the LCBA Canada platform and is free and open to the public