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Têxteis Penedo gave rise to a new product - Cork Yarn - to meet the growing demand for new textile solutions, namely in the area of ​​innovation, ecology and sustainability.

For the first time, cork associated with the strong interest it has as a unique material with exceptional natural characteristics, and with the difficulties in using cork-based materials in the textile market, gave rise to CORK-A-TEX project.


Cork is unique and one of Nature's most extraordinary materials. 100% natural and recyclable, it is an entirely sustainable, biodegradable and renewable resource.


The association of cork with other materials encouraged the company's creativity, which resulted in a new sustainable domain that does not neglect the visual aspect and performance.


Têxteis Penedo has the exclusivity of using this yarn in the weaving of several textile structures, being a flexible product made of a natural material it offers design opportunities, ranging from the fashion industry, home textiles, decoration, upholstery, footwear, sports and mobility.


Since 1975, Têxteis Penedo has held an elevated position in the production of Jacquard home textiles. From bed linen to products for the table and decoration, the high quality of TPenedo products have enabled it to consolidate its leading position on the global industrial textile scene. The three pillars of the TÊXTEIS PENEDO’s brand are Innovation, Quality and Service.