Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The British fintech will open a branch in Portugal as part of their strategy in Portugal and is also negotiating with Sibs to enter the Multibanco network.

According to a report by ECO, Portuguese will be able to invest in money market funds in euros, dollars and pounds, with the company aiming for yields of up to 4% in these funds through a new savings product from the company. Ignacio Zunzunegui stated that however, these products carry a higher risk than deposits, as they do not have guaranteed capital (until very recently, some of these funds had negative interest rates).


Aware that the Portuguese prefer the MB Way application, which is controlled by Sibs and owned by the largest banks, Revolut continues to negotiate with the competition to allow Revolut cards to be added to the platform. Ignacio Zunzunegui said he was directly involved in the talks and was confident that they would also reach a successful conclusion soon.


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