Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Portuguese exports of goods and services reached 96.008 billion euros from January to September this year. This represents an increase of 5.457 billion euros (+6 per cent) compared to the same period in 2022. Imports, on the other hand, fell by 1.323 billion euros. These results determine a trade surplus of 4.026 billion euros, which corresponds to an increase in the balance of 6.781 billion euros.

According to Banco de Portugal, Spain was the main destination of exports up to September 2023, with a share of 19.7% of the total, followed by France (12.6%) and Germany (11.0%).


In terms of exports outside the European Union, the United Kingdom was the main destination with a share of 9.4% and ranked fourth in the world, followed by the United States with a share of 7.1% (ranked fifth in the world).


During this period, exports to the United Kingdom (861 million euros) showed a significant increase of 10.6 percent, followed by France (+7.2 percent) and Germany (+8.1 percent).


In terms of types of goods and services, the increase of 20.3 per cent in travel and tourism exports (+3.003 billion euros) stands out as the most important export, accounting for 21.0 per cent of the total, followed by machinery and equipment (9.3 per cent) and transport services (8.0 per cent).