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AUTODOC, one of the leading online retailers for vehicle spare parts and accessories in Europe, has chosen Portugal for their newest company location.

From October 2022, new and existing employees will start working in Portugal, initially mainly working from home or a coworking space. The new premises in Lisbon are expected to be ready in spring 2023 and will provide workspace for several hundred employees. With its new site in Lisbon, AUTODOC is now present in seven countries and active in 27 European markets.


The European market leader opens strategically important site in Lisbon


AUTODOC is one of the leading online retailers of vehicle spare parts and accessories in Europe. Founded in Berlin back in 2008, the company has quickly developed into one of the most exciting and, above all, fastest-growing internet companies in Europe: In 2021, AUTODOC achieved a turnover of over one billion euros. With Portugal, AUTODOC is now represented at seven locations, employs around 5,000 people, and operates in 27 European countries.


For AUTODOC, individual mobility is a cornerstone of modern society. One of the goals the company has set itself is making vehicles usable for longer in order to ensure sustainable mobility and so protect the environment. In addition, convenient and cost-saving services aim to make it easier for customers to run their own vehicle. For professional and ambitious mechanics as well as for amateurs, AUTODOC has 4.8 million products for 166 car, 23 truck, and 154 motorcycle brands in its range and helps its customers carry out repairs with more than 3,500 tutorial videos, tips and an expert chat service.


"Opening in Lisbon is a decisive step for us for the future development of the company and its further growth. Portugal is a strategically important location for us on the western edge of Europe, where we are setting up our new technology hub. There we want to bundle various core competences and attract new talent to our company," says Dmitry Zadorojnii, Co-CEO of AUTODOC and a proven IT expert.


All information and an overview of vacancies can be found at or