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Researchers have developed high-protein microalgae strains boasting improved taste – now upscaled by Allmicroalgae.

Specifically, a new Chlorella strain could be used in products like vegan sausages, snacks, soups and vegetable creams, sports drinks, bread and pasta, all with improved nutritional quality and desirable sensorial properties.


This is part of the EU-funded project ProFuture, which is positioning its microalgae ingredients as aiding the shift to more plant-based diets within the Farm to Fork Strategy launched by the European Commission.


While there is already high-quality food based on microalgae, they often have a “grassy” taste, intense green color and fishy odor, which are often not accepted by consumers. 


Therefore, the new strain offers improved organoleptic characteristics while keeping high nutraceutical value. Additionally, it contains a higher protein content than the original variety. 


Foods made with the new Chlorella will be fully characterized from biochemical, technological and sensorial perspectives, note the researchers. Later, the best formulations will be upscaled by food producers and used for testing market uptake.Left: Smooth Chlorella, middle: new Honey Chlorella, right: old Honey Chlorella (Credit: DIL).