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Focused on the research and development of new optoelectronic solutions for fiber optic networks, PICadvanced stands out among the major players in the global telecommunications market by designing its products for the new generation of optical networks "NG-PON2", which succeeds the current GPON deployment.

This innovative technology, in which the company has developed a line of electro-optical transducers unique in the market, allows an increase in bandwidth between 4 to 16 times, accelerating the speed in the network of every home and the implementation of 5G using the existing fiber network, responding to the high demand of the daily life of end customers in data consumption.


Currently, PICadvanced presents its products in full compliance with the NG-PON2 standard and that guarantee downstream and upstream transmission rates up to 10 Gbps. These products include the class 2 version, a unique solution in the market aimed at corporate users, where the switching time between the established channels (wavelengths fixed by the standard) is crucial and less than 25 ms, as well as the class 3 solution, focused on the common user, with longer switching time between channels, without compromising the reliability and functionality of the product.


Additionally, the company also has a technological path for the evolution of its products - currently under development and with the first tests validated - to migrate the main optical component from discrete format to a version on an optical processor chip named photonic integrated circuit (PIC) unique in the market, achieving a revolutionary solution that allows to further increase bandwidth and decrease power consumption and footprint.


Founded in 2014 and based in the Creative Science Park in Ílhavo, the start-up has been developing disruptive and unique solutions for the telecommunications market through its multidisciplinary team, offering innovative products and services such as design, development, and testing in the different components of electronics, optics, photonics, digital signal processing and encapsulation, to several national and international clients.