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The project PIMAP+ project, of which PRODUTECH is an integral part, will hold a webinar on 25 November about Canadian market.

The project PIMAP+ - Photonics for Advanced Manufacturing Plus, of which PRODUTECH is a partner, will hold on 25 November, from 17:00 CET, an online seminar about the Canadian market for internationalisation.


The seminar “Choosing Canada in your international development priorities” will be attended by an international consultant and its objectives are:


1) Inform and provide clues on the conditions of access to Canada's market;

2) To provide information on pertinent sectors in this market, namely: Production Technologies, Special Equipment, Steel and Metal-Mechanic Sector, Aeronautics and Photonics.

3) To inform potentially interested companies about the mission being organised by the PIMAP+ consortium to Canada, which will take place from 4 to 8 April 2022.


The event is free of charge, but requires prior registration.


>> Registration and Programme

>> More information about PIMAP+.