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ASPORTUGUESAS, a new footwear concept that uses Cork as the main raw material in its production, is launching the ART Try-On app this week.

This technology, which reinforces the presence of the 100% Portuguese brand in the digital universe, will allow customers to virtually try-on all products using Augmented Reality. The IOS application aims to offer a real, effective and on time experience to consumers, while trying to mitigate the differences between online and offline purchases.


The process is simple: just choose a pair of ASPORTUGUESAS from the list of 3D models listed on the new application, choose your favorite colour, point the camera of your mobile phone or another electronic device at your feet, and the selected model will appear on your feet. The effect is instantaneous, even controlling any slight movement of the user's feet. In addition, the AR try-on app is prepared to follow the consumers’ footsteps, automatically changing the camera angle.


“The ability to experience ASPORTUGUESAS through the simple use of the mobile phone revolutionises the consumer experience”, explains Pedro Abrantes, CEO of ASPORTUGUESAS. “The premise is simple: to help us understand and visualise how a certain model looks on our feet, or matches a certain outfit. This way, there are better chances of making the right purchase and therefore less likelihood that the product will be returned to the stores”.


Nuno Barroca, Deputy Chairman of Corticeira Amorim, a partner since the beginning of ASPORTUGUESAS also identifies the key advantages: “with the AR try-on application, ASPORTUGUESAS will undoubtedly get closer to consumers, using a technology that allows, in a comfortable and intuitive way, interaction with the wide range of products and helps the decision process. An innovation at the right time.”


Developed mainly with the Generation Z in mind, the AR try-on app also gains renewed importance at this time, taking into account the current lockdown period that prevents access to physical stores. It therefore appears as a fundamental tool to support retailers at this moment in time. In fact, the retail network will also certainly benefit from an organic communication campaign, promoted by the millennial generation: the Augmented Reality APP also allows users to take a photo with the virtual ASPORTUGUESAS to share via social networks.


The ASPORTUGUESAS brand, officially launched in March 2016, combines innovation, creativity and sustainability. Produced from cork, a 100% natural, ecological, renewable, recyclable and reusable raw material, ASPORTUGUESAS currently incorporate other materials, that are also ecological. For example, the full adoption of circular economy practices in the production of ASPORTUGUESAS includes an upper made from recycled plastic, recovered from the oceans. Kyaia’s decision to enter this joint venture with Corticeira Amorim in 2017 made a decisive contribution to these developments. ASPORTUGUESAS are now available worldwide, including throughout the United States of America, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Philippines, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, China, Israel, Russia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Barbados, and the entire European continent. The brand also seeks to alert citizens about the planet's environmental issues, contributing to a Positive Footprint for a more sustainable future.