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Mercadona has opened its 48th store nationwide, with the opening of a new supermarket in the municipality of Braga, located at Rua da Feira no. 76, in the parish of Real.

This is the "third store in the municipality of Braga", with the "first opening in 2019, in Lamaçães and the second, in 2022, in Nogueira", explains the company, in a statement.


"The opening of this supermarket reflects Mercadona's commitment to its expansion plan in Portugal, where the company has a total of 48 stores, of which, as of today, 7 are located in the Braga district".


Mercadona adds that, "as part of the company's Social Responsibility Policy, this supermarket will donate daily, from day one, basic necessities to Cáritas Arquidiocesana de Braga, a local social solidarity institution with which Mercadona signed a collaboration protocol".