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The delicate moment experienced in Europe in the last years hardly has a parallel in recent history. As a consequence, we have observed an unsustainable growth in the cost of all energy sources. Facing this context, the portuguese company ECOFAB presents alternative solutions.

With the general increase in prices, pellets remains as one of the first choices, as they are more efficient in their burning process when compared to other products such as diesel or wood. In addition to these factors, they are a source of fuel produced from wood scraps and sawdust, with reduced emission of harmful gases to the environment.


MARIE and ISAAC stoves, produced and developed by ECOFAB, are built with a cast iron core. Its solid construction guarantees the stove's durability and a pellet burning at a higher performance. Its assemblage, allows safe heating, achieved through the two-door system, and a more efficient burning process with a nominal efficiency of 86% and reduced efficiency of 94.2% which makes it possible to heat environments of up to 268 cubic meters.


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