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By leveraging a multitude of Frotcom features, Cruz del Sur witnessed a transformation in fleet performance and safety standards.

Cruz del Sur is a Peruvian land passenger transport company operating in Latin America with interprovincial buses. The company has one of the most modern fleets in Peru and has offered travel services inside and outside the country for more than 60 years, ensuring punctuality, safety, and comfort for its passengers. These are the pillars for which they strive every day. Cruz del Sur fleet currently has 150 vehicles equipped with Frotcom traveling through Peru, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Cruz del Sur had a primary goal of improving the performance of its fleet operations. To accomplish this objective, they needed an intelligent fleet management system that would allow them to:


-       Efficiently handle telemetry data;

-       Timely response to detected deviations;

-       Track their fleet across national and international territories in real time;

-       Ensure compliance with regulations set by SUTRAN, MTC, and Osinergmin*.


By using Frotcom in its fleet, Cruz del Sur achieved its fleet management goals and benefited from additional advantages, exceeding its expectations.


Through Frotcom's Route planning and monitoring, Cruz del Sur witnessed tangible improvements in fleet arrival times, benefiting from precise route planning that streamlined journeys for timely arrivals and heightened customer satisfaction. The Driving behavior analysis feature further advanced safety by cultivating prudent driving practices, adhering to stringent parameters and internal policies, and effectively mitigating driver fatigue and potential accidents.


Moreover, Frotcom' empowered Cruz del Sur to exercise meticulous control over driving times, proactively diminishing fatigue-related risks, enhancing safety measures, and nurturing a culture of responsibility and driver well-being within the organization.

Using the Driver app and API integration, Cruz del Sur established an intuitive and effective interface between their platforms and Frotcom's fleet management system. This integration facilitated access to real-time fleet information, empowering Cruz del Sur with timely insights into its operations and enhancing operational efficiency.


With Frotcom, the Peruvian company has also improved its telemetry data handling capacity. Cruz del Sur now has a detailed view of crucial metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making for continuous improvement.


Frotcom’s compliance with Peruvian regulatory entities, such as SUTRAN, MTC Y, and Osinergmin, fortified Cruz del Sur's adherence to legal standards, enhancing the company's credibility and avoiding potential legal issues.