Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Pak Lek Group Co. Ltd of Macao is paying for Portuguese wines it sells to be used as props in a Chinese television drama series, “Chasing Time”, the Sohu website reports.

The Chinese news website says Pak Lek Group struck a product placement deal with the broadcaster of the series, Chinese state-owned Guangdong Radio and Television.


The report says the production crew praised Portuguese wines when they attended a holiday gathering in the Mainland Chinese city of Zhuhai, which abuts Macao.


Pak Lek Group has invested 500 million yuan (about US$73.4 million) in its business of trading Herdade do Perdigão, Monte do Pintor and Tinoca, all wines made in the Alentejo region of southern Portugal, the report says.


The company has built a network of wine dealers in mainland China, and established in Zhuhai the Huajia Zhishan Hotel, the first hotel in China that follows a wine theme, the Sohu website says.