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Portuguese consumers “are more willing to pay more” for fish enriched with omega-3, a reality that aligns with that of other European countries, a study by B2E – Collaborative Laboratory for the Blue Bioeconomy revealed.

In a press release, the lab states that the survey was done under the umbrella of the Omega Peixe project and reveals that 69.3% of those who inquired “expressed willingness to pay more for fish enriched with that nutrient,” with 37.6% “being willing to pay a euro more,” 35.1% willing to pay another 50 cents, 15.4% open to paying 1.5€ more, and 12% 2 or more euros.


“There is, in fact, a larger conscience among consumers about the relation between nutrition and health and this study proves just that,” the executive coordinator of B2E CoLAB, Maria Coelho, stated in the document.


The Portuguese situation “aligns with the values recorded among those inquired in other countries, namely in Europe.”


In a total of 1314 surveys (including Portugal), 71.3% affirmed they’d be open to paying more for fish enriched with omega-3, while only 28.7% of those asked expressed resistance to the price change.


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