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Amorim News - The (almost) perfect world is made of cork! - YEAR 2022 Nº1

Portuguese artist Pedro Cabrita Reis says that he is convinced “that this won’t be the last time that I will use this material in my work”. Former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly argues that “the fact that cork is renewable and absorbs carbon makes it the perfect product for people with ecological concerns”. The President of the Mediterranean Forests Union, António Gonçalves Ferreira, says that “in Portugal we have the great example of the forest [of the future], it is called the ‘montado’ (cork oak forest)”. Rolls-Royce uses composite cork in the world’s fastest all-electric plane. The world’s leading maker of wood toys has teamed up with Corticeira Amorim to produce cork toys. The (almost) perfect world is made of cork!


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