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Japanese multinational takes over NS MULTI's European distribution exclusive.

The exclusive distribution agreement for the NS MULTI model, concerning the European market, was signed at the end of last January by the Japanese multinational and MTEX NS.


This model has also been marketed on the American market, exclusively by Konica Minolta, since 2019, under the trade name PKG-675i.


The PKG-675i is an entry-level solution for water-based digital inkjet printing on cardboard that responds to a wide range of needs and markets. At this moment, the e-commerce segment that has grown exponentially due to pandemic circumstances stands out. This trend has come to stay according to indicators shared by specialists in the sector.


“The growth of e-commerce is one of the defining trends of the packaging industry going forward, and this will have a major impact on those in the corrugated packaging sector. In particular they need to be able to react fast, and develop e-commerce-specific packaging designs that solve the inherent challenges of postal distribution, rather than those of retail. Versioning and personalisation are also on the rise. Creating high quality proof-of-concept prototypes and short run, individualised batches is the sweet spot for the PKG-675i digital inkjet printer.” alludes Edoardo Cotichini, Senior Manager Professional Print, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH.


Elói Ferreira, MTEX NS CEO, refers that “this technology will provide a perfect solution to create quick mock-up packaging designs, helping to improve time to market and reduce waste in areas such as folding carton and corrugated packaging”, signalling this ecological benefit solution. He concludes by considering that “this cooperation with Konica Minolta will have significant benefits for customers. (…) Over the last decade, MTEX NS has developed a strong reputation for quality and innovation while continuously expanding its service offerings and global presence to more than 40 countries across five continents.”