Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The Webinar on the importance of Internationalisation in the global economy recovery will be held on the 26th of March (15pm - 17pm).

The aim of this webinar is to promote reflection on the new challenges, constraints and issues facing the economy after the Pandemic.

Internationalization is today an increasingly comprehensive and complex concept. The selection of partners and business models are a key aspect in the Company’s international strategies, where the elimination of economic borders opens other possibilities to cooperation.

This new vision of what internationalization is and what strategies need to be adopted also involves the economy digitalization, which provides enormous scale economies and in which the network is structured with a logic of alliances. Internationalization is no longer an option but a matter of survival.

The process of internationalization must be planned, conscientious and with dominance over the rules and uses of foreign trade. It is important to have know-how in International Relations, Foreign Trade, Economy, Accounting, Law and Administration.

Information is essential in this process, since the knowledge about internal aspects (costs, production capacity, etc.) and external aspects (operating costs, exchange costs, etc.) is the foundation and the basis of all decisions. Special attention should also be given to strategic communication. It is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the market, learn from customers and build a transparent relationship. The relationship must be focused on the country's partners, the local culture and the target audience to whom it is addressed.

The importance of the post-Covid strategy to gather and diverge, taking advantage of the internal and external public and private skills of the relevant economic agents, optimizing complementarity, promoting alliances and partnerships strategies around concrete and structuring development projects directed at creating value.