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SYSADVANCE is today the only company worldwide to provide these combined solutions.

The Portuguese Medical Association and SYSADVANCE allied during the pandemic to develop a ventilator with requirements to be used in intensive care. The equipment, baptized as SYSVENT OM1, is already certified and is the first developed in our country to achieve the CE mark.

The certification of the ventilator took place through the Notified Body, SGS Belgium. The development and certification took place in record time, for this type of device, in a great effort involving the development team of SYSADVANCE, a group of medical specialists in Intensive Care indicated by the Portuguese Medical Association, as well as, accredited laboratories in 3 countries.

SYSADVANCE will immediately start the production of the ventilator, being the first units destined to Portugal and Czech Republic. SYSVENT OM1 has attracted attention in several countries since the beginning of its development was announced in March last year, with expressions of interest issued by several countries.

SYSVENT OM1 is now part of SYSADVANCE’s Medical portfolio, together with its well-known Medical Oxygen generation systems. The SYSVENT OM1 is absolutely complementary to Oxygen Generation systems, allowing a complete solution for health, from the source of Oxygen to the delivery of oxygen to the patient. SYSADVANCE is today the only company worldwide to provide these combined solutions.

"The Portuguese Medical Association has always believed that the great challenges of the world, and of health in particular, are answered in science and medicine. This fruitful alliance between doctors and engineers has shown that we must invest in clinical research in order to reach the solutions that hospitals need, with more speed, quality and innovation. This ventilator is for us a reason of great satisfaction. The machines do not work without highly differentiated human capital, but reliable equipment is also determinant for the success of patient treatment, so having the first certified ventilator in Portugal is for us a great joy in times of not always good news ", says Miguel Guimarães, president of the Portuguese Medical Association.

"At this very complex moment of the pandemic, the certification of SYSVENT OM1 fills us with pride and confirms all the effort, commitment and professionalism dedicated to this project, allowing Portugal to have a high precision and reliability equipment for the ventilation of patients in intensive care", highlights engineer José Vale Machado, SYSADVANCE's CEO. "We hope that SYSVENT OM1 will contribute to saving lives in Portugal and other countries, in the same way that SYSADVANCE has been committed to contribute and prioritize the supply of Medicinal Oxygen plants to various parts of the world" he reinforces.