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“We need to save our ocean to protect our future.”

                                                                         – UN Secretary-General António Guterres


Sustainable Development Goal 14 is about conserving and sustainably using the world’s ocean, seas and marine resources. 

Why the goal matters? 

The ocean covers more than 70 percent of the earth’s surface. As the planet’s largest ecosystem, the ocean regulates the climate, generates oxygen and provides livelihoods for billions. More than 3 billion people depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihoods. The ocean also contributes to current and future sustainable economic growth.

A healthy, productive, sustainable and resilient ocean is fundamental to life on our planet and to our future. 

Yet, our ocean is facing a global emergency. Climate change poses adverse effects on the ocean and marine life, including the rise in ocean temperatures, ocean acidification, deoxygenation, sea level rise, the decrease in polar ice coverage, decrease in marine biodiversity, as well as coastal erosion and extreme weather events and related impacts on island and coastal communities. Cumulative human activities also cause ecosystem degradation and species extinctions. 2022 is the year to stop the decline. 

In June, the Goal of the Month editorial looks at Goal 14 (Life under Water). We explore the impacts of the decline of the ocean, the ocean-climate nexus, and what science-based solutions are available.




2022 UN Ocean Conference | 27 June – 1 July 2022

Scaling up ocean action based on science and innovation for the implementation of Goal 14: stocktaking, partnerships and solutions 



The UN Ocean Conference, from 27 June to 1 July, co-hosted by Portugal and Kenya, is a unique opportunity to boost collective efforts and find innovative solutions to effectively address the challenges that the ocean is now facing.

With just one month to go to the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, what can be expected from the Conference? Read 5 things you should know about the UN Ocean Conference.


Registration &
Media Accreditation

The Registration process is now open for all participants.

For media accreditation, online pre-registration is open until 12 June 2022. On-site registration in Lisbon will be open from 23 June 2022 (TBC) to 1 July 2022. For more information, the Media Advisory is also available.

Meeting information

In addition to the plenary sessions, there will be 8 interactive dialogues focusing on a wide range of ocean issues: from addressing marine pollution and promoting ocean-based economies to increasing scientific knowledge and transfer of marine technology. These dialogues offer individuals and communities opportunities to forge bold commitments to advance ocean action.


Special Events

The official programme will be accompanied by four special events focusing on youth, the sustainable blue economy, fresh- and saltwater interlinkages and ocean action at the local and regional levels.

Join the conversation and spread the word!


The ocean – our best ally against climate change

The ocean is our greatest ally against the climate crisis. It generates 50 percent of the oxygen we need and absorbs 25 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions. It is not just ‘the lungs of the planet,’ but also its largest ‘carbon sink’ – a vital buffer against the increasing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. But as our blue planet warms, unleashing cascading effects on ocean life and services, we look at why and how we must limit and reverse the decline in ocean health and strengthen its potential to mitigate climate change.



5 Actions You can Take to #SaveOurOcean

Everyone can do their part to reverse the decline of the Ocean. As leaders from around the world convene in Lisbon, here are five ways you can join the efforts to #SaveOurOcean today and every day.



In Focus 




International Day on the fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing | 5 June 



It is estimated that 1 in every 5 fish caught, comes from illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. When such fish ends up on our plates, we are unwitting accomplices in unsustainable, and often criminal practices, that are damaging for our future well-being and the sustainability of our planet.

On the occasion of the fifth observance of the International Day for the Fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing, and in support of the 2022 International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture (IYAFA), FAO is organizing a digital talk on how IUU fishing affects small-scale fishers and their communities, and how small-scale fishers can be stewards of the oceans against IUU fishing.

Register to participate virtually on 6 June 2022 at 15:00–16:00 CEST.



World Ocean Day | 8 June 2022 



The ocean connects, sustains and supports us all. This year’s United Nations World Oceans Day, on 8 June 2022, will highlight the theme Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean

RSVP here to join the virtual event or watch live on 8 June 2022 to learn about the communities, ideas and solutions that are working together to protect and revitalize the ocean and everything it sustains.

The UN World Oceans Day Photo Competition is a unique opportunity for photographers to showcase the beauty of the ocean and to raise global awareness of the revitalization efforts and solutions being explored worldwide. The winning submissions of 2022 will be announced during the UN World Oceans Day event on 8 June 2022.



Day of the Seafarers | 25 June 



Every seafarer’s journey is different, but they all face similar challenges.

For 2022, the campaign of the Day of the Seafarers, with the theme ‘Your voyage – then and now, share your journey’, look at seafarer voyages, what it includes and how has it evolved over time and what remains at the heart of seafarers’ reality.

This year, seafarers are invited to post two photos on social media platforms, one of their first voyage and another one of the latest or most recent voyage, and tell us what has changed. Is shipping greener? Is the technology better? Are you more skilled? What have you learnt? Everyone is encouraged to use #SeafarerJourney to engage on social media platforms and to pay tribute to seafarers.



World Environment Day | 5 June 



Earth faces a triple planetary emergency:

  • the climate is heating up too quickly for people and nature to adapt;
  • pollution continues to poison our air, land and water;
  • ocean is facing a global emergency.

World Environment Day, 5 June, is the largest global platform for environmental public outreach and is celebrated by millions of people across the world.  #OnlyOneEarth is the campaign for World Environment Day 2022. It calls forcollective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet. Use the #OnlyOneEarth Practical Guide for great ideas of transformative actions, including ocean actions,  that everyone can take, ranging from fishing sustainably to taking the Clean Seas Pledge to reduce your plastic footprint.

Tell Us about Your Earth Action 

In the lead up to 5 June we would love to see everyone take part in, and challenge others to share their transformative actions for the planet. Register your action here, receive a personalised social media card, and see your action on the globe. Access and share #OnlyOneEarth social media cards and logos here. 



Interview: Recover the ocean and beat plastic pollution



“Now it is time from words to actions.”

Catarina Grilo, Director of Conservation and Policy of the Associação Natureza Portugal, and Nuno Barros, a specialist in Ocean and Fisheries shared their initiates and suggestions to conserve marine biodiversity, beat plastic pollution and recover the ocean.

Read the series on the UN Ocean Conference.



Interview: Civil society calls for ambition at UN Ocean Conference



Ocean and global climate are intrinsically linked – and if the “right decisions are made at the UN Ocean Conference, the Ocean will be a big part of Portugal’s feature”.

Listen to the interview with the Oceano Azul Foundation on their works to  conserve ocean and expectations for the upcoming UN Ocean Conference that will take place in the Portuguese capital at the end of June.



Key moments 

STOCKHOLM+50 (2-3 June) 

WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference (MC12) (12-15 June)

2022 Desertification and Drought Day (17 June)

Sustainable Gastronomy Day (18 June)

International Day Against Hate Speech (18 June)

Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week 2022 (18 -22 July)

World Urban Forum 11th Session (26-30 June)


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