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All boxes, bags and envelopes used by Amazon for deliveries in Europe are now recyclable. The company also states that an increasing number of products are being sent to customers without any additional packaging.

Amazon proudly announces the milestone of 100 percent recyclable packaging, stating: “We are thrilled for our customers to receive packages in flexible paper bags, cardboard envelopes, and corrugated cardboard boxes, which are easily recyclable in household recycling across Europe.”


This applies to both the orders on Amazon sites in Europe where the company is the selling party itself, and to purchases from third-party sellers for which Amazon handles order processing (Fulfilment by Amazon or FBA).


Amazon also mentions that the number of products shipped without any additional packaging has grown by more than 50 percent in Europe, thanks to agreements with suppliers. The packaging is robust enough to make the journey to the customer, with Amazon adding only an address label after the order is placed.


Amazon is piloting innovative packaging solutions across Europe, including padded envelopes made only with paper, reusable delivery bags, and incentives for selling partners to reduce their packaging.


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