Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


AICEP, the Portuguese Trade and Investment Agency, selected the ten companies that will have tailor-made mentorship in order to expand their business opportunities in California, under the Portugal to Take Off program, launched last May.

The companies are:

Têxteis Penedo - Since 1975, Têxteis Penedo has played a prominent role in the production of home textiles in Jacquard. The high quality of its textile products allowed the consolidation of a leading position in the global textile industry panorama, which already has a relevant presence, also in the USA. Within the scope of this program, the company intends to have support in the development of business opportunities for the new product based on cork yarns developed and patented by the company, the Faculty and Engineering of the University of Porto and Sedacor, which obtained international recognition at Techtextil 2019.


DCK - Two brothers and two cousins couldn’t find the variety of swim shorts they liked so they decided to create a new brand of shorts that were irreverent, fresh, but at the same time of high quality and at affordable prices. Gone are the days of selling on the beach to friends. The company has a store in Chiado, in the heart of Lisbon and through its e-commerce website exports to several countries. Next step: Los Angeles and the California market.


Emotional Objects - Emotional Objects is just another example that it is possible to innovate with art and boldness in a traditional sector of the Portuguese economy: the furniture industry. João Faria, the architect behind the brand, has designed pieces that combine different materials and seek perfection, the result of the unlikely harmony between reason and emotion. Coffee tables, desks and sideboards are among the 26 modern collections that João Faria has developed that has earned him several awards. Now he wants to start selling on the West Coast of the United States.


Omniflow - Omniflow has sustainable solutions in the area of smart cities, being able to transform a simple lamp into a multi-service infrastructure (public lighting, 5G, security) powered by an integrated solar and wind power generation system.


iLoF - Using artificial intelligence and photonic light, iLof created a library of biomarkers that allows rapid testing of various diseases, such as Alzheimer's and cancer, speeding up the research for new treatments. California has taken the lead in global bioengineering and that is why the company wants to contact the large pharmaceutical companies based there for technological partnerships.


Automaise - Created a low-code artificial intelligence platform that allows the rapid development of advanced solutions for the automation of operations in several industries. The company already has several clients, such as Altice/MEO, Caravela Seguros, Continente Online, CTT, Leroy Merlin, among others, and now wants to grow in California.


Invisible Collector - The company has a technology that allows it to increase the efficiency of collection management processes. With a disruptive and distinct approach based on AI it allows you to decide who (man or machine), how and when to contact a debtor. With more than 2 million processes managed, valued at more than 260 million USD, this Portuguese company is aiming to enter the United States market, with a business model that besides boosting efficiency in management, cuts costs in half.


Didimo - Didimo plans to revolutionize the way we interact in the digital world, allowing the creation of 3D avatars that enhance the online experience, whether in e-commerce, games or a simple interaction with customer support. At a time when interactions are increasingly digital the technologies that allow humanizing and personalizing these interactions become crucial.


SoundParticles - Sound Particles is revolutionizing the way film studios produce sound effects. The company has already been chosen for productions such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars 9 and Frozen II and with this program it aims to create even greater connections with California and develop its market from Los Angeles.


ONTOP - ONTOP develops augmented reality multiplayer games that are exciting to play and a thrill to watch through 5G interactive streaming. Creators of the Best AR Game in the World in 2017, elected Vodafone Startup of the Year in 2018 and Winners of the Google AR Competition in 2019, the company intends to achieve its vision with the help of this program: to be the Netflix of augmented reality.


These companies will now have access to an integrated intervention for 4 months with actions in Portugal and California, involving specialized consultancy, support for market entry carried out by people from the region and facilitated access to a wide network of businessman, entrepreneurs and investors from their sector.


The ten companies can also count with the support of the program partners: Startup Lisboa, BGI, Beta-i, UPTEC, Startup Portugal and Startup Braga.