Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Sweden is one of the more evolved economies in the world and one strategic market for Portugal, with special emphasis in the innovation, industry, wine and R&D.

The Swedish AICEP Portugal Global branch presents to the market the MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally campaign that aims to highlight the commitment that the Portuguese companies and brands pursue, like sustainability, innovation, knowledge, customization and tradition. This campaign is currently being activated throughout the world in specific strategic markets for the Portuguese industry – United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and United Arab Emirates – and its goal is to create new business and investment opportunities and international partnerships supported in added value products and services that can be made in Portugal, naturally.

“MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally is the holistic AICEP campaign with a clear mission: Focus, aggregate and elevate the Portuguese business offer, leading to an immediate recognition of Portugal’s potential and product quality, based on the image of a country that sets trends and allies tradition with innovation.” as claimed by Luís Castro Henriques, president of AICEP.

For the Swedish market, six strategic industrial clusters were selected: Wine, Food, Product Manufacturing, Innovation & Start-ups, Fashion, Footwear and Décor. In the following months, each sector will be unveiled individually in a 360 view, allowing for a closer knowledge of what Portugal does best for the Swedish companies, investors and consumers.

“With this program, we want to go further in the communication of the Portuguese industry and brands. We want to showcase the best innovation and quality examples that became world class references, both for the companies and the final consumer, in an immersive experience that blends the future with tradition, with special focus on sustainability and the environment. This is our vision.” states Carlos Moura, Director of AICEP Portugal Global in Sweden.

All information regarding this campaign will be available online and on social media in the Portugal Global Sweden channels in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Vimeo, as well in the official website