Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The Fischer Connectors Group launched the construction of the Swiss-headquartered group’s new production site and subsidiary in Portugal.

The Fischer Connectors Group is starting the construction of a new production facility at “Paúl de Cima” in the parish of Aboadela, Sanche e Várzea, in the municipality of Amarante.


The new site is to employ about 100 professionals in a first phase (with 40 to 50 in the initial ramp-up) who will create new capacities for assembling connectors and cable solutions produced in the Group’s central plant and world headquarters in Saint-Prex (Canton of Vaud), Switzerland.


Since the company’s foundation in 1954, the connector assembly production has been historically centralized within its Swiss manufacturing facility where its R&D center is also located. The new Portuguese connector assembly site is the first of its kind outside Switzerland, thus marking a new era of global expansion for the Fischer Connectors Group’s operations.


The choice of the location in Amarante was based on a comprehensive evaluation framework through the highly appreciated support of AICEP, Portugal’s trade and investment agency, in terms of industrial track record, cost base, work environment, cultural factors, and talent availability.