Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals, the largest European pharmaceutical cannabis product manufacturer, has announced a new facility in Lisbon, Portugal. This allows the company to manufacture, import, and export medicinal cannabis products to numerous global markets.

The INFRAMED authorisation awards SOMAÍ a GMP Certificate Part I and Part II, enabling it to execute its plan to own distribution channels in Australia and Germany. Additionally, it allows the company to establish distribution partnerships in another eight countries whilst developing a comprehensive brand of medical cannabis products. SOMAÍ's goal is to be a singular brand that services all doctors' and patients' needs through multiple delivery systems and novel formulations.

Michael Sassano, SOMAÍ's Founder and CEO, stated: "We started construction in November 2021. We began manufacturing after an initial inspection 12 months later. Now, after receiving full GMP Part I and Part II, we have proven that it is possible to be in the market with pharmaceutical products in under two years. Furthermore, not only are products continually rolling out of stability from earlier this year, but we continue to create a full suite of next-generation products based on the future needs of patients".