Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


ACL will represent Portugal in the biggest Architecture and Interior Design Norwegian event.

Wooden houses based on recycled newspapers? Yes, it exists and has a Norwegian signature.


And what is done to animal blood wasted in the global consumption of tons of meat? There are those who use it to make bricks. Indeed. Nowadays, nothing is wasted with creativity and technology. "Waste and Architecture" is the exciting theme of Architect@Work Oslo 2021, a subject that the Portuguese company A Cimenteira do Louro (ACL) knows so well and that will demonstrate, in this edition, with its concrete-based products and coatings.


Between September 29th and 30th, Architect@Work (A@W) makes the Norwegian landscape its home with a promising first edition and a fundamental theme to the Present and the Future of spaces. Embracing the old and making it new, giving value to what is left of a production and use process, are simple ways to explain this revolutionary movement that circumvents, in an intelligent way, the exhaustion of natural resources. From stand no. 76, ACL will materialize this green manifesto with its concrete-based coatings and floors, a 100% sustainable material that is transformed into sophisticated collections of products with great technical performance.


For those who still think that only paper, cellulose or wood are renewable materials, it is because they are not following this new trend, driven by sustainability and creativity, that explores materials that ended the life cycle in the linear economy system. "Waste is a gift that needs to be freed from its 'pejorative stigma,'" stated the French intellectual, George Bataille, in the first half of the 20th century, and now, in this 21st century, his desired premise is being materialized.


Contemporary architects and designers are exploring these new and exciting materials made of things that, normally, are seen in a dump. They play a decisive role in this change, as they are the ones who choose the materials and products they work with and define the ecological relationship between people and their surrounding spaces.


In addition to these professionals, companies that sell products can also contribute positively to this movement. The good example ACL will be presented at the next Architect @ Work Oslo with its Design and Nature collections, with the promise of inspiring professionals to choose the creative sustainable way of reusing materials.