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Entrepreneurs who spoke to Lusa on Tuesday at the Cabo Verde International Fair (FIC) pavilion in Praia are hoping to do business at the country’s main showcase of economic activities, which runs from Wednesday to Saturday, given the event’s history.

“We have good expectations. We’ve taken part in all the editions, and the FIC is a special stage where all the companies, all the entrepreneurs, businesspeople are, and that’s the target audience we need,” Sónia Monteiro, head of Cabo Verde’s public company Pró Capital, told Lusa.


Pró Capital, as a financial institution, has taken part in the fair to publicise the financing ecosystem and the mechanisms they are making available to the market.


“We’re going to be here with the Entrepreneur’s House,” a joint initiative between government agencies to boost the economy, he explained.


In the middle of the hustle and bustle is Paulo Neves, representative of the Portuguese company Heliflex, which has been taking part in FIC for over ten years to showcase everything the company manufactures (pipework, materials for the home and garden, industry and construction).


In the case of Cabo Verde, they focus on irrigation systems “for the agricultural sector”.


“Over all these years, FIC has been growing, it’s been a source of interest for us,” he explained, hoping that it will continue to do so and that this will translate into results.


Nelson Silva, director of the Portuguese company Jotelar, supplies equipment for hotels and restaurants and is attending the FIC for the fifth time, hoping to secure more partnerships, in addition to those achieved in previous editions: “We sell and they distribute here,” he explained.


“We think there’s a big gap in the Cabo Verde market, a lack of equipment, a lack of capacity to meet the expectations” of hotels and restaurants, especially in Praia, “which is growing,” he added


The businessman would like the fair to have more days, fewer service companies and more companies with products in the shop window.


The FIC runs from Wednesday to Saturday with 210 exhibition spaces for 110 companies representing Cabo Verde, but also Portugal (a fifth of the exhibitors), France, Brazil and the United States.


After its 25th edition on the island of São Vicente in 2022, the FIC returns this year to the city of Praia with practically the same number of spaces and exhibitors.


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