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Portugal was the second country in the European Union (EU) that grew the most in the first quarter of 2023, according to the quick estimate released by Eurostat.

In a previous note, when there was only data for 12 countries, Portugal was in the lead, growing by 1.6%. Now, the country is behind Poland, which grew 3.9%.


In the global scenario, the Euro Zone grew by an average of 0.1% compared to the last quarter of last year, while the EU's GDP increased by 0.2%, a figure that was revised downwards compared to the 0.3% that had been indicated at the end of April.


As the INE had already indicated, Portuguese GDP grew by 1.6% at the beginning of the year, which was even a surprise in view of economists' expectations. The recovery was largely due to stronger-than-expected momentum in tourism and exports.


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