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Portugal is the eighth preferred destination for European tourists in 2023, according to the Travel Industry Trends 2023 study, recently released by the Mastercard Economics Institute, which concluded that European tourists are opting for proximity destinations.

“Portugal is positioned as the eighth tourist destination in the Top 10 preferred destinations by Europeans, according to data from January and February of this year, surpassing the Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland. The United Kingdom and Spain appear in first and second place, respectively, and the United States is the only non-European country to be included in the ranking”, points out the study and reported by Publituris.


The study by the Mastercard Economic Institute concluded that both leisure and business travel have already recovered and are growing above last year's, and, in the case of business travel, the recovery "happened, above all, from the second half of 2022 and until the beginning of 2023, when they surpassed leisure flights, in regions that favoured the return to the “office””.


Leisure travel, on the other hand, maintained “a robust growth trajectory, with an increase of 25% compared to the previous year”, adds the study, which gathers information on the global state of travel and takes into account changes in economic scenarios and the growing consumer demand.


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