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Members of the Portuguese Pact for Plastics (PPP) reduced in 2021 the "single-use plastics considered problematic and/or unnecessary" placed on the market compared to 61, a report presented today indicates.

In 2020, 4% of the packaging and items placed on the market by PPP members were single-use plastics considered problematic and/or unnecessary, a percentage that was reduced to 3% in 2021.


"[It is] a reduction of 61 tons compared to 2020 and that brings us closer to the 0% target set for 2025," said Patrícia Carvalho, coordinator of the Portuguese Pact for Plastics, was cited in the release statement of the 2nd progress report of the initiative launched in February 2020.


The report also indicates that in 2021, on average, "11% recycled plastic was included in plastic packaging placed on the market by PPP members", the same percentage as the previous year, with the aim "incorporating, on average, 30% recycled plastic into new packaging" of this material by 2025.


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