Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Coloplast, a Danish medical devices manufacturer, will invest around 100m€ in a new industrial facility in Portugal, which is expected to start operation by 2026 and will become the group’s largest plant. This is a new investment project whose decision process was supported by AICEP.

The new manufacturing site will produce Coloplast’s intermittent catheters used by people suffering from urinary retention, such as people with spinal cord injury or spina bifida, who are unable to empty their bladder. With the new site, Coloplast aims to meet the increasing global demand for intermittent catheters, with an emphasis on Europe, which is the company’s largest market accounting for around 60% of its total sales. Despite Europe being a more mature market, Coloplast continues to see strong demand for its intermittent catheters with continued growth above the market.


“We have chosen Portugal as the destination for our next manufacturing site for several reasons. Most importantly, Portugal has qualified and highly trained labour with an attractive salary level. It is also important that Portugal is in Europe, where we serve most of our users today and where more and more people will be needing our products in the years to come. This destination allows us to diversify our manufacturing footprint in Europe, which is currently concentrated in Hungary. Finally, the country has a large supply of renewable electricity as well as an ambition to become carbon neutral by 2050, thereby supporting our sustainability ambition,” says Allan Rasmussen, Executive Vice President of Global Operations.