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Venture capital company Portugal Ventures has strengthened its portfolio with 43 more startups, which corresponds to a total investment of 6.6 million euros.

“Portugal Ventures is proud to announce the entrance of 43 new startups in its portfolio,” the company, which is part of the Banco Português de Fomento Group, said in a statement. 


The INNOV-ID Call, launched in May 2020, which received 117 applications, made it possible to invest in 40 companies in the pre-seed phase, whose solutions “stand out for their impact on decarbonisation, the circular economy, the sustainability and simplification of processes and energy efficiency.


At stake is an investment of four million euros.


According to Portugal Ventures, in the pipeline for investment at the end of 2020 were three more investments, also in seed stage, two projects resulting from Cal Tourism and one from the operation ‘Follow-ons -cleanwatts’. 


These investments correspond to 2.6 million euros.


In total, the 43 operations are equivalent to 6.6 million euros of investment. 

“The entry of these 43 new ‘startups’ in the portfolio reflects the investment effort made in 2020, in order to support, in an adverse pandemic context, companies with great potential for international growth, many of them with solutions based on R&D and with real impact on structuring sectors for the Portuguese economy, such as health, biotechnology, information technology, tourism and energy,” pointed out the vice president of Portugal Ventures, Rui Ferreira. 


As part of its regular activity, the company invested in Hostels Hub to intensify its investment in the Iberian Peninsula, in Cleanwatts, which develops digital platforms to accelerate the decarbonisation of energy, and in Merytu, which created a human resources application for the hotel and restaurant sector. 


In turn, among the new ‘CALL INNOV ID’ investments are Ablute, About Aqua Food, Aqva More, Bandora, Beeyard, BestHealth4U, Bioworld, Ccrave, Clever-Volume, CORe Protein, Corium Biotech, Cosmos Pic, Eptune Engineering, FastCompChem, Flowco, IhCare, Insignals Neurotec, Klugit Energy, Landratech, Neroes, Neural Solar, Nu-Rise, Rubynanomed, Scemai, SCIVEN DESE, Smart Monitoring, Something in Hands, S&DG – Storage and Distribution Generation and SkyPowerLines, Swatter, Tesselo, Theia, United Boutiques, UZME Everywhere®, Water Wise System™, Wall-i, We Can Charge, Wisify, Wysensing and YesYesYes. 


Portugal Ventures starts the year with a portfolio of 43 companies in digital, 49 in engineering and industry, 20 with solutions in life sciences and 26 in tourism.


Since 2012, the company has invested €164 million in 147 new companies.