Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


ECO will collaborate with the new Forum editorial project, a partnership that will allow the newspaper to have its articles distributed in Europe, in several languages.

ECO will collaborate with the European Forum platform, a digital project that focuses mainly on the translation and distribution of journalistic articles from the most important European media.


ECO is proud to be one of the first national media to be invited to be part of this platform, which integrates journalistic content that obeys demanding editorial criteria of independence, transparency and accuracy.


“The idea is to promote cross-border debates on topics of interest. We think of the Forum as a platform that encourages Europeans to talk to each other more,” the Forum said in a press release.


This platform provides more than 50 translations of articles from European media every day and also distributes a daily newsletter with the most current topics on the continent.


With this new agreement, ECO will have some of its articles translated into the most varied languages of the European continent, thus increasing the scope of the work it has been doing in recent years in Portugal.