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The ongoing digital transformation of the economy and of society requires that all Europeans acquire and develop digital skills. In particular, the labour force needs to up-skill and re-skill to make the best use of new digital technologies in their workplace.

The Path to the Digital Decade sets out the concrete digital targets which the European Union aims to achieve by the end of the decade. The EU aims to train 20 million ICT Specialists and that 80% of the population have basic digital skills. 


The DSJP Team is looking for organisations, big or small, private, public, or non-profit, to help Europe equip citizens, professionals and unemployed, ICT specialists, teachers, and students, with the skills they need for life and work in the Digital Age.


About the campaign:


A Pledge is a commitment made on top of the core field of activity of an organisation, big or small, private, public or non-profit, to make a direct contribution to reduce the digital skills gap in Europe. Pledging organisations are at the forefront of using new technologies to innovate, to strengthened European competitiveness, create a more resilient workforce, and build a modern and inclusive society. As you already know, the Pledgers community has now its own dedicated space, where companies of all sizes including public and non-profit institutions can meet and discuss: exchange opinions, best practices and accomplishments in the discussions, meet live during Community events and webinars, and challenge each other in the online competition “Pledge of the month”.


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