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Siemens has supplied 320 high-power electric chargers to Engie Vianeo. Of these, 175 were produced in Portugal and will be distributed to 64 petrol stations in France. The chargers were produced at the Corroios factory, a key element of Siemens' electric mobility ecosystem in the country.

ENGIE Vianeo, through its subsidiaries ENGIE Solutions and SSEC, has teamed up with Siemens Smart Infrastructure to install state-of-the-art charging stations for electric vehicles. In total, there are 64 motorway service areas in France. Each charging station distributes charge between two vehicles simultaneously, with an over 95.5 per cent efficiency.


In Portugal, Siemens has created an ecosystem for electric mobility that brings together production capacity, ensured by the Corroios factory, research and development and a competence centre for sales, engineering, project management and service.


It's worth noting that around 95 per cent of the electric chargers produced so far in Portugal have been exported. Some destinations are Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Holland, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Israel, India, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.