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Akeneo releases the results of its 2023 Consumer Buying Journey Study. It shows that an individual with all the necessary information will be more inclined to validate his basket, and that 65% of French people could become loyal to a brand that offers a quality shopping experience.

Akeneo's latest survey shows that shoppers today want access to a diversity of product information, as 49% of shoppers believe that poor product information leads to a deal abandonment. And so many financial losses for companies. However, 39% of French people are willing to pay more if brands and retailers offer complete and up-to-date product information.


The three "rules" to move from intention to purchase in 2023


The product experience specialist was indeed interested in the main expectations of consumers in terms of product information. Three imperatives emerge from their investigation.


Securing the fundamentals


With a price increase of 6.9% in March 2023 in the European Union, brands and retailers must, more than ever, display the price visibly and transparently, pushing consumers to make more thoughtful purchases. However, price is not the only important criterion and for 48% of respondents, brands must offer a detailed product description, and provide access to the technical characteristics of the product (34%) and different images (33%).


Customer satisfaction


As a brand, it can be welcome to display the returns made by the different consumers in order to be able to cause the second click that will push the purchase. Indeed, the study reveals that nearly a third of French people (31%) expect brands to highlight customer reviews. In addition, they also want to be able to make sure they make the best purchase by comparing the targeted product with other similar products. Product comparisons are thus acclaimed by 31% of consumers.


Commit and share your values


But if the French expect objective information on the product that interests them, the image and commitments of the company are increasingly essential criteria. For example, more and more French people are paying attention to their carbon footprint, and are sharing their commitments through their purchases. More than a quarter of respondents (28%) are now attentive to the values defended by a brand. And 14% of respondents consider the environmental impact and sustainability criteria of products before purchasing.