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The creation of new products, which turn the tourist into a “temporary resident”, is one of the main challenges to attract tourists willing to spend more on culture to the Algarve.

“In an increasingly competitive market, with many more countries entering the cultural tourism market, with very interesting offers, and where tourists are increasingly cultural, the Algarve has to follow this trend, otherwise it will become hostage to the less demanding tourist who spends less”, Carlos Martins, executive director of the consultancy that carried out the study, told journalists in Faro.


According to the study, each tourist in the Algarve spends, on average, around 180 euros on cultural or entertainment experiences, which also corresponds, on average, to around 10% of the total spending they have on the trip.


“It is already very relevant, but there is room for growth, because there are places where [spending on entertainment and culture] goes up to 40% of this [total] spending. We are here, in the Algarve, still with a deficit compared to what is the average, in some countries, of tourist spending on the experience in the territory. We are far from reaching [that number] and we have a very large growth margin here”, stressed the consultant.


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