Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


In 2022, world footwear exports totalled 15.2 billion pairs. This corresponds to a growth of 9 per cent. Portugal will see a 7 per cent increase in these exports, ranking 12th globally.

According to the APICCAPS "World Footwear Yearbook" (WFY), Portugal is in 12th place in the world ranking of footwear exports. The Top 10 comprises China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Germany, India, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Cambodia.

With 75 million pairs exported, Portugal stands out for its exports of leather footwear (67 per cent), rubber and plastic (12 per cent), waterproof footwear (10 per cent) and textile footwear (7 per cent). 

The study states that the leading players in the Portuguese footwear market are ECCO'Let, Gabor Portugal, Sopropé, Ara Shoes Portuguesa and Carité.

In terms of production, Portugal is among the world's Top 20.


You can consult the study here.