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2023 has already started and we hope it will be a great year! To celebrate moments of joy and success (which we hope will be many throughout the year) we suggest two great Portuguese wines, one that arrives from Dão and a classic from Douro.

Casa da Passarella, one of the most prestigious in the Dão region, offers us a unique wine: Casa da Passarella Vindima de 2011. A wine that took 11 years to be prepared, and designed to perpetuate the heritage of 130 years of history.

Born from the vineyards of the property, which include several centuries-old vines, with an unusual variety of more than 20 indigenous grape varieties, it was vinified in a granite press, and began the maturation process in the bottle in May 2013. After 9 years waiting, in April 2022, the meticulous task of manual recorking was carried out. A long wait that resulted in a ruby red wine, intense and of great aromatic complexity, where red fruit with spices and a balsamic touch predominates. A wine that holds fascinating stories and shared traditions.

From the Douro region comes the new harvest of Vinha da Ponte, originating from one of the centenary vineyards of Quinta do Crasto.

Only in years of exceptional quality, the Oenology team at Quinta do Crasto chooses to launch another harvest of “single vineyard” named after this charismatic vineyard.

This 2018, with a deep violet color, has an extraordinary aromatic intensity, where notes of wild fruits from the Douro stand out in perfect harmony with elegant aromas of spices and cocoa. It begins in the mouth in a captivating way, evolving into a textured wine of excellent volume and solidity, composed of velvety tannins and excellent persistence. It ends very complex and with enormous depth. A unique terroir wine that reflects the pure essence of its origin, Vinha da Ponte