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British solar thermal solutions innovator and provider Naked Energy announced partnerships with leading European engineering-led firms, Tech4Food and Menerga's Greek division, as part of its European expansion.

Naked Energy's VirtuPVT combines solar photovoltaic and thermal technology to generate both electricity and heat from a single collector, delivering high energy density. While VirtuHOT is a dedicated heat collector and received the TÜV international certification.


Both collectors are modular and designed to be flexible and meet various demand levels. And each model can be equipped with or without reflectors. They have a track record in decarbonizing heat production and enabling many businesses across the European Union (EU) to reach their net zero goals. Now they will supply the regions where the two partners are located with clean, efficient energy.


Tech4Food is a Portuguese business. Under the partnership, the company will offer Naked Energy's cutting-edge solar thermal and photovoltaic thermal (PVT) products as part of its engineering solutions for the food and beverage, textiles and hospitality sectors.


The Greek division of German engineering contractor Menerga will use Naked Energy's solutions to provide cleaner, more efficient heating to hospitals, swimming pools and manufacturing facilities across Greece.


"Both Menerga Hellas Group and Tech4Food are renowned for excellence in their field and we're delighted to announce our collaboration. The Virtu product range perfectly complements both businesses products and services portfolio, and we are excited to support the decarbonisation of heat across the two countries," said Christophe Williams, CEO and co-founder of Naked Energy.


According to Naked Energy, the company's solar PVT technology can deliver up to 3.5 times the carbon savings per square meter compared to conventional solar PV.


Naked Energy believes the deals will further strengthen its position in the EU and support both Portugal and Greece to achieve their ambitious renewable energy targets.