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In an exclusive interview with The Portugal News, British Ambassador to Portugal, Chris Sainty, highlights the advantages of getting a new residency card while drawing attention to the long history and future relations between the UK and Portugal.

Since the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union, British residents in Portugal have been urged to exchange old residency documentation for a new biometric card. While the process initially drew a large amount of criticism due to a lack of appointments or the need to travel long distances to get their new card, the Ambassador assures that problems have been ironed out.


“For several months now there have been appointments with SEF for the new card and this is good news,” said the Ambassador. “Already there have been almost 30,000 new residence cards processed by SEF, which is quite a number, but we are asking for those British citizens who are entitled to the card to come forward and make an appointment.


This year Portugal and the UK are celebrating the 650th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Alliance, which took place in 1373 between Kind Edward III of England and Jing Fernando and Queen Leonor of Portugal.


“The treaty is still relevant today and is a remarkable sign of unity between the two countries”, said the Ambassador who also highlighted that 13 June also marks one year since a new Joint Declaration of Bilateral Relations between the UK and Portugal was signed. This new agreement is considered to be a “big achievement”.


In The Portugal News