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Portuguese pharmaceutical company Bluepharma will invest €150 million, until the end of the decade, in the creation of a technological centre for medicines in Coimbra, which will include a factory prepared to produce vaccines from other brands in Portugal.

“We have a very strong project for the Center region, it will be done here in Coimbra, in facilities that we acquired in 2019, in Cernache, a large industrial park that we called Bluepharma Park”, Paulo Barradas Rebelo, president of the pharmaceutical company, told Lusa.


The technology park will include, among other investments, a research and development (R&D) unit for “complex injectables”, under investigation for the last six years, a factory to industrialize these drugs and a logistics platform said Paulo Barradas Rebelo.


On the other hand, the pharmaceutical company specialized in generic medicines is finishing an investment of around 50 million euros, which involves the expansion of the current facilities located in São Martinho do Bispo – in the former Bayer factory where Bluepharma started its activity in 2001 – and the construction of a new industrial unit, in Eiras, north of Coimbra, which “will probably be ready within the first half of this year”, he revealed.


This new factory, explained Barradas Rebelo, is a “high-power unit of very cancer-oriented drugs”, which have been under development at Bluepharma for about 12 years.


“As we are in the field of generic drugs and it is an extremely competitive area, we decided that we had to make generics increasingly difficult, as a way of differentiating ourselves and attacking markets with less competition and a lot of added value. And so we are doing the project in Eiras of potent solids, they are capsules and tablets, very focused on cancer and in Cernache [at Bluepharma Park] we intend to make complex injectables”, he said.