Shared Services Centres and Outsourcing

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Shared Services Centres and Outsourcing 

Shared Services Centres and Outsourcing

We connect businesses


CEOs from all over the world choose Portugal to install Shared Services Centres, connecting their business with the world.


Altran, Cisco Systems, BNP Paribas, EUROPCAR, Fujitsu, Xerox, IBM. Some of the more than 450 companies that, from Portugal, provide excellent services to the whole word in sectors such as Finance, Human Resources, IT and Logistics.


Portugal has:


Highly qualified human capital with above average linguistic skills, an appetite for new technologies and a natural ease to connect with other cultures.


Strategic location, which makes access to new markets easier. Portugal is the closest European country to North America and has only a 3-hour difference from Sao Paulo or Moscow.


Outstanding infrastructures: comfortable buildings with great location at the most competitive prices in Europe. Our telecommunications network is one of the best in the world, which makes work very natural.


Positive business environment with competitive labour and fiscal legislation.


Portugal is a natural destination for fostering Shared Services Centres, Competence Centres and Business Process Outsourcing.


Portugal, your BPO destination

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