Maritime Economy

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Maritime Economy 

Maritime Economy

We've rediscovered the Sea


Portugal has exceptional conditions regarding its water and tide quality, which allow the country to develop traditional maritime activities and add new ways to explore the sea.


From our Exclusive Economic Zone, the biggest in Europe, we take the world's best fish, critical to a healthy diet, but also seaweed which enrich luxury cosmetic products.


The biodiversity and abundance of our sea's raw materials are second to none. These qualities are studied by Research and Development Centres, being continuously surprised by its richness.


Our ports are the first crossing point for ships coming from the Panama Canal and are located in a privileged area where international routes converge. Our unique port and weather conditions and our integration in modern transportation networks make Portugal a mandatory crossing point for thousands of ships every year.


By the experienced hands of a people, which has always been connected to the sea and shipbuilding, speciality ships are born and luxury recreational boats and ships that come to life.


Because we recognize the importance of sustainability, we take it right into the sea. We build technologies that allow us to take advantage of wave, tidal and wind energy and we supply clean energy power grids.


Portugal, a country that was born overlooking the sea and is rediscovering the sea in order to create value again.


Sea Economy

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