Machinery and Tools

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Machinery and Tools 

Machinery and Tools

Leaders in innovation and exports


Technological innovation brings Portuguese Machinery and Tools into the arms of world industry. Safety, sturdiness and accuracy are staples that make choosing this Cluster an inevitable choice. This Cluster beats export records every year.


The Portuguese ability to innovate, in traditional industries such as Machinery and Tools, puts this Cluster within the centre-stage of all global industry.


In the Persian Gulf, Portuguese waterjet cutting machines shape shoes, marble and granite. All over the world, only two companies can install high precision pieces in offshore oil wells at several kilometres deep. Only two companies can do this and one of them is Portuguese.


The ability of Portuguese companies to stand out from the crowd is based on the incorporation of modern design, production and control technologies handled by highly specialized human capital.


High productive flexibility allows this Cluster to custom-build. Each order and each piece are unique. It is made with maximum accuracy and tailored to each client.


To be competitors in the internal market and allies in the external markets also allows for a winning alliance, which makes Portuguese companies to cooperate, combining several products in one turnkey solution.


These are the skills that make it possible to find Portuguese Machinery and Tools in more than 200 countries.


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