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We make unique pieces


From Harrods department stores to the Dior store in Singapore. Portuguese furniture, textiles, household appliances and lightings make offices, homes, commercial spaces and hotels all over the world unique.


The design of Portuguese decorations allows companies from all over the world to express their brands personality and capture their audiences' attention.


The functionality of our pieces allows thousands of families to have beautiful homes that they can enjoy without worries.


The quality of our products guarantees reliable materials to offices in all five continents, which helps employees' productivity.


The innovation of our products sets your hotel apart and helps you attract more and better guests.


In all Portuguese decoration pieces you can find a perfect balance between these four elements: design, functionality, quality and innovation. This is how we make unique pieces that stand out before the most demanding consumers.


Our exquisite furniture is chosen to appear in Hollywood films and take part in Christie’s auctions.


Our crockery captures the attention of renowned fashion brands such as Christian Lacroix or Oscar de la Renta and museums such as MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York City.


Blankets, pillows, towels and bathrobes made in Portugal are used by celebrities such as Bill Gates and by clients of the exclusive boutique hotel, Soho.


Our lightings feature in AD Colletor magazine, the design "Oscars".


Our ability to make your rooms into unique and exclusive places is endless.


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