Food and Agriculture

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Food and Agriculture 

Food and Agriculture

We produce wines and olive oils celebrated by the entire world


Our countryside offers processed and non processed high quality products. Wines, olive oils and tinned food awarded internationally are part of a healthy Mediterranean diet essential at your table.


 Port wine was a pioneer conquering the biggest wine lovers. Today, Portuguese wines have won international awards and gained the respect of demanding critics from all over the world. Also, our olive oil is considered to be the best in the world.


We have the world's biggest olive grove and the world's most awarded olive oil, the recipient of awards such as the Mario Solinas.


Portuguese fruit has more taste. Our Rocha Pear is our leading export product, greatly appreciated in demanding markets such as the English and German markets. Our Cherries from Fundão give that extra touch to the worldwide famous Mon Chéri chocolates.


We go beyond the traditional. We combine research and innovation in our food, in order to offer products that revolutionize our way of eating.


"Baby Rice", for children over 6 months of age. Olive oil with gold leaf, for the most exclusive consumers.


We produce healthy food, appreciated by an increasing number of consumers all over the world.



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