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An experience of style, comfort and innovation


Major brands and personalities choose Portuguese fashion. It has design, quality and innovation. It transforms the act of getting dressed into an experience of well-being and boosts self-confidence. It provides safety and gives a competitive advantage to its users.


Burberry, Kenzo and Dior. Michelle Obama and Chiara Ferragni. Major brands. Major personalities. Fashion authorities confirm the quality of Portuguese clothing and footwear, adding Portuguese fashion to their collections.


Portuguese fashion offers new experiences and charm through its own brands. From the youngest brands to the more elegant and timeless ones. All brands are surprising on the international runways and are globally acclaimed.


In our opinion, fashion is much more than clothes and footwear for everyday basis or for memorable occasions. Our technical textiles help to win competitions and the challenges of who lives life to the extreme.


We use technology in our textiles that offer a competitive advantage to athletes such as Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. They run and swim faster for the records and Olympic medals with the help of Portuguese technical textiles.


We make suits with electrical arc resistance and shoes inspired in tyres, that allow to work safely under the most demanding conditions.


Wearing Portuguese fashion is wearing confidence. 


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