Aeronautical, Space and Defence

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Aeronautical, Space and Defence 

Aeronautical, Space and Defence

We build airplanes


We are experts in the aerospace industry. Some of our specialities include building aircrafts and drones, and developing software that allows to explore space.


We build aero structures for Airbus, Embraer and Pilatus airplanes, moulds and pieces such as cabinets, cockpit consoles and fuel tanks. We develop elevators, fairing and components for wings. Airbus uses fibre optics sensors made in Portugal in its aircrafts.


The Portuguese experience within the aviation industry also includes the maintenance of intricate airplanes or the development of new businesses, such as wet leasing. Within the defence area, we build aero structures for the innovative KC-390 and develop unmanned aircrafts which are critical for military and public safety operations for NATO, United Nations and European Union.


We provide safety for the space industry. NASA and ESA use Portuguese software to detect and correct flaws in their critical systems in order to avoid accidents. And do you know how they protect their aircrafts' sensors from temperatures above 2000 ºC? They use Portuguese cork. 

We are at the forefront of aviation industry. The LIFE Project received the Crystal Cabin Award - the aircraft cabin "Oscars" - for creating the interior of an ecological sustainable airplane. We are one step ahead, making the flying experience more safe, comfortable and technologically advanced. 


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