Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal




We open the doors to the future


Portuguese technology is present in financial services, health, transportation, education, security and defence. It eases the daily activity of millions of people and opens the door to the future.


Microsoft, INTEL, NASA, ESA. World giants that use Portuguese technology in their activities.


Portuguese technology exists in more than 90 countries. Approximately 150 mobile telecommunications operators from all over the world use Portuguese solutions.


Portuguese companies develop innovative technologies that major brands cannot live without.


eGates, electronic doors which use facial biometrics to evaluate if the passenger's face and the photo in the e-passport are from the same person. They speed up passenger movement in more than 60 international airports.


Hole19, a Portuguese mobile app offers golf course maps, game scorecards and a social network for golf fans. Golf players from all over the world are enhancing their performance.


Pop-Schools, schools equipped with technological devices and connectivity systems, are assembled in 24 hours. Portuguese technology contributes to the development of communities in Latin America.


These are some examples of Portuguese technologies opening the doors to the future, thus contributing for the development of countries all around the world. 


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