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Innovation is a word that Portugal writes its history with for the past five centuries. During the 1500’s the Discoveries were responsible for important advances in nautical science, astronomy and naval construction. Five centuries after, Portugal continues to inspire the world and touch the lives of millions of people establishing new patterns in many areas of activity. 


“Portugal registers two new patents a day which shows the creative ability of its people Learn about some Portuguese innovations that have become a way of life to many people and a success in international markets.”




Cork skateboard

The innovative cork skateboard developed by the Australian producer Lavender/Arch Cork Stakeboards, with the support of Corticeira Amorim, has just received the JEC Innovation Award, in the “Sustainability” category. The award was made in JEC Asia, an international exhibition dedicated to composite materials, in Singapore.








nMusic developed a unique and revolutionary multiplatform system that provides all information on the computer (Mac Os and Windows), smartphone, tablet and television with only one account. nMusic is proud to have been the first triple-play music service in the world.






Kayaks NeloNelo Kayaks

These Portuguese kayaks are European, World and Olympic champions’. What Nelo strives for is a complete revolution in the global scene of canoeing in all its areas. In the London Olympics 60% of medallists used canoes produced in the Vila do Conde factory.







Color AddCollorADD

CollorADD is a colour identification system for colour blind people that will help around 350 million people in the world with this problem. It uses a monochromatic graphic code, based in universal concepts of interpretation and colour changeovers that allow colour blind people to identify them correctly.






IT People ConsultingDalton Color helper

In Portugal the first mobile application in the world that helps people suffering with colour blindness to identify colours was developed.. Also an innovative stamp was created, that after glued just as other stamps, gains a life of its own allowing access to contents on a mobile platform. It is a solution that can transform any two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional animation. These achievements were made by IT People Consulting, a Portuguese technology that has existed for four years and is preparing to enter the Asian and Brazilian markets. 





Projecto Life

Projecto Life

A group of Portuguese companies from the aeronautical sector and Embraer, working in a consortium, won the only international award given to the most innovative solutions for aircraft interiors in the eco-efficiency area. Projecto Life shows the capacity of Portuguese companies in the aeronautical sector.  






RAPID (Automatic Identification of Passengers Travelling Documents)RAPID

The RAPID system (Automatic Identification of Passengers Travelling Documents) was developed as an innovative automatic control for passengers with electronic passports therefore eliminating the need for human intervention. The system combines the reading and verification of electronic passports by an innovative process by assessing the biometric data, which triggers the opening of an automatic gate. The average time through passport control is 20 seconds per passenger therefore speeding up passenger movements.





RenovaColoured toilet paper

A simple idea that was unlikely to succeed, but it conquered the world. Toilet paper gained colours, first it was black, then green, pink, orange and red. Toilet paper was no longer a product to hide, but to put on show. A product with design, interest and fun. Developed in Portugal by Renova.  






Via VerdeVia Verde

A pioneering system created by Brisa, that allows toll payment without stopping, filling up with petrol and using a car park without losing time with payments. The success of this technology has widened it usage to a diverse range of services and entry into new markets.  







Vital jacket

Vital Jacket

It looks like a normal t-shirt but it is much more than that. Produced in Portugal by Biodevices it is the first equipment without wires allowing freedom of movement to patients during health monitoring. The Vital Jacket is used as a heart monitor for weeks and with total autonomy, as well as to check physical exercise.    







Is the first totally Portuguese patented drug launched, in the European market, by the pharmaceutical company Bial. It is an antiepileptic drug of proven efficiency and is already marketed in North America under the name of Stedesa. Zebinix is also the result of a large investment by the company in R&D of around 28 million Euros until 2020.